Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

I began photography right after my oldest daughter was born. I was completely enraptured by how amazing she was and how quickly she was growing. I desperately wanted to be able to hold on to those moments long after they were gone. Over the next three years, my husband and I added two more girls to our family and I felt so much joy and gratitude that God allowed us to be their parents. As I continued to document my girl’s growth, their moods, and their joy for life, my passion for capturing that for other people became my creative outlet and my chance to love others and build new friendships.

I love photography and I love people. I continue to be blown away that I get to do this job on a daily basis. Beyond that, my husband is my very best friend. I am a huge SEC football fan, love a Coca Cola on ice, and could eat Mexican food every day of the week. I am saved by the grace of Jesus and pray that I am able to show you His love as we spend time together.