Welcome! I am so glad you are here!


I discovered my passion for photography soon after my oldest daughter was born. I was completely captivated by how amazing she was and how quickly she was growing. I desperately wanted to hold onto those first moments and sweet memories long after they had passed. Over the three years that followed, my husband and I were blessed to add two more daughters to our family. I still feel so much love and gratitude that God would allow us to be their parents.

I have continued to document the growth of my three beautiful girls and capture their features and joy for life, which as instilled a passion in me to photograph those moments for others. This has become my creative outlet, as well as a chance to love others and build new friendships. I love photography and I love people. I am continuously blown away that I am able to do something that combines those two passions on a daily basis.

My husband Brian is my very best friend. I am a huge SEC football fall (War Eagle!), I love spending time with my family in our little pop-up camper, and I could eat cheese dip and drink a Coke just about every day. Above all, I am saved by the grace of Jesus, and I pray I am able to show you His love as we spend some time together.