Spring Photography Bucket List

Weather in Birmingham this weekend was PERFECT! We spent most of Friday at the park and all of Saturday in the backyard. It was a wonderful gift between the cold rainy days of February. As we enjoyed the weather, I sat in eager anticipation for the upcoming season- I LOVE spring!

Thinking about spring made me think of a photography tip I once heard- each year (or season), create a photography bucket list. Whether they are daunting, messy, or just fun, they are an excellent way to improve and challenge your photography. As I continue to work on my photography, my goal always centers around wanting to document my children as they are right now.  My youngest daughter, Betsy, turned 6 months old on Saturday. I feel like I just got a positive pregnancy test and have no idea how she is already 6 months. I am learning more and more that growing up happens much more quickly as a mom. So as I create this bucket list, I hope to grow as a photographer, but it is much more than that- I hope to use this list as a spring board to fun outings and great adventures with my girls. It is a chance to help them explore God's creation, to learn to love each other a little more, and to spend time with me, because once I snap that picture, I get to put my camera down and have them all to myself, if only for a little while.

2016 Spring Photo Bucket List

  • Daffodils
  • Bubbles
  • Princess dresses
  • Cherry trees
  • Swinging
  • Rain puddles
  • A field of wildflowers
  • Camping
  • A family bike ride
  • Feeding the ducks
  • Hydrangeas

What about you? Is there something particular you want to document? I would love to help! If you have a suggestion for a fun photography challenge or are interested in me documenting your kids, let me know! I would love the chance to work with you!